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Creating heirloom pieces at present - leaving my footprint behind, and perhaps a little something extra for my loved ones in the future

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Victorian Inspired Home Decor

So, I've just finished a Victorian themed cross-stitch, and am extremely pleased with the results.  The author of this fabulous pattern is Donna Kooler whose whimsical touch inspired me to create this lovely piece for my own home. I've made many gifts for family and friends using her pattern book Donna Kooler's Cross-Stitch Designs (333 Patterns for Ready to Stitch Projects), and can't say enough about the quality of her patterns.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Functional AND Pretty Office Organization

Not only office organization....but HOME organization can be creative as well as functional. I decided to replace a functional but visually unappealing office organizer (for pens/pencils/notes), with a Victorian themed decoupaged coffee can that serves the very same purpose. I used special vintage themed gift wrap to decoupage onto the coffee can, and then I dry-brushed cream,brown, and turquoise colored paint on top of it to give it an aged look. I finished it off with a copper colored ribbon and accented it with satin cream roses. As a result, I have a counter-top organizer that adds a special touch to my kitchen.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Dragon

3D Modular Origami - also known as "Golden Venture" can create some of the most amazing papercraft projects around! Following a GREAT tutorial from youtube's amazingorigami, I created my own baby dragon. I did make a slightly bigger version and went with a different wing pattern than what was shown; however, the tutorial was great, and best of all - my students love it. Follow this link to create your own!