It's a part of who I am...

Creating heirloom pieces at present - leaving my footprint behind, and perhaps a little something extra for my loved ones in the future

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Witches Tale

Tomorrow marks my first day of in-house decorating for Halloween...A tad early I know, and over the years I  have been criticized for my early starts - but oh well!!! I love it, and I do what I love...period.
The Witches hand is super easy to create because you are only creating the fingers of the hand, and not the hand itself. Using Fimo clay which is so easy to work with, you simply bake them in the oven to cure once the project is complete. Once they are cooled - simply spray with an acrylic sealer. Position clay fingers in the book just far enough so it appears that she is grabbing onto the book from the inside, trying to break free.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Felt Mandala's Batch 4

   The Night Sky Mandala with the "star-moon" theme and autumn leaves pays homage to my Mother, Barbara. On a crisp Fall evening, we would bundle up to go for evening walks in the small town where I grew up.
    In that same small town during this time of year - came the Fair. Small, quaint and charming would be words to describe its atmosphere. For me, it was all about the senses...the smells, the sounds, the sights.  Candy Apples and fresh Taffy were among my favourite foods during the course of an evening such as this.
   Now, in my 30's, I've become a bit lazy in terms of costume for Halloween. I love handing out the candy to impatient children -  wearing my Witches hat and black coat. I sit on my decorated porch, hot apple cider in hand, a warm smile, and ambient lighting emanating from old smoke laden jars illuminating the night sky...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Felt Mandala's Batch 3

     In honor of my friend Lumie, I made an owl mandala which represents the baby theme of her blog - A Hope Chest for Baby. Her Blog is filled with wishes, and dreams, and a bright future that is nourished by her own creativity.
    The "Darkening Sunset" mandala represents my home on Young Street of Tillsonburg Ontario, where to this day, my father still lives there after 37 years, and the backyard there still holds a sense a wonder. Beyond the small little fruit orchard  - lies the gully, where I swear the legend of Sleepy Hollow first originated! LoL...
    The two Celtic mandala's represent Don and I. I will lay claim to the bejewelled cross, - whilst he can be the pun intended...not at all! :))
Love you sweetheart!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Continuation of Autumnal Mandala's

The creation of these Primitive Seasonal Mandala's have been quite inspiring for me. Mostly because each one represents a memory for me. Even the Silhouette Mandala's were inspired by my Victorian style Living Room. The cost to make them is almost nothing.  A single sheet of Felt usually costs about $1 Cdn. Best of all, the Felt is being produced now in many more subtle shades. So check out your local craft store, or go online, and see what you find in terms of  new colours and textures this year in Felt.