It's a part of who I am...

Creating heirloom pieces at present - leaving my footprint behind, and perhaps a little something extra for my loved ones in the future

Monday, April 19, 2010

Victory Dance

I always do a little "victory dance" after completing an embroidered project because it can be so darn time consuming which I guess is part of the reason why I like it. You have to be dedicated and spend many hours creating something that will hopefully stand the test of time to be passed down from generation to generation... peacock is done...kudos goes of course to Dimensions Gold for creating a fantastic today, my present to myself was to buy the frame, and now it hangs proudly in my home.....

so....on to the next!

I love the colours in this one....very  "happy" little picture. :)


  1. Very pretty! You did a great job.

  2. very beautiful! i have this pattern in my plans :)

  3. It turne dout fabulous and the frame is a great choice! Way to go babe!

  4. Totally AWESOME Lanie... I love peacocks.. You did a fantabulous job... :) Take care..