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Monday, August 23, 2010

Finding A Balance.

It's a weakness of mine...learning to balance my time between creating, posting on SEVERAL websites, working, and relaxing. That's just it...I don't think I relax in the traditional sense of  the word anymore. My hands are always on the move; however, at times I find myself  really sacked - as if I cannot shut off my ever flowing creative mind, and as a result...feeling drained  - exhausted even as my feet hit the floor in the morning....this must change.
Funny thing is, my husband Don is EXACTLY the same....we create...we obsess...we talk excitedly about our newest projects...each of us cutting the other one off in mid-sentence to add something of import to the conversation. Life to us IS important as food and water is to our survival; however, we must find that balance...introduce a little "down-time" in our lives...shut down to replenish our creative mind and spirit.

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  1. Creativity is the life blood of the universe, and when it pulses through your veins, how can you resist? I am just the same, always busy, always working on a project, always planning my next three (or four or five) projects down the road! Whether I am sitting and visiting or watching a movie, my hands like to be knitting or cross stitching or doing something productive. Yet there must be a time for peaceful contemplation, for sitting with hands quietly in the lap and looking at the stars, closing one's eyes and listening to the wind, relaxing for just a moment into the quiet of a sunset. I teeter and totter and don't know if I ever achieve that perfect point of balance in the middle except in fleeting moments, but I will keep striving for it! I know you will too!