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Creating heirloom pieces at present - leaving my footprint behind, and perhaps a little something extra for my loved ones in the future

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Igniting Imagination!

I'm a piano teacher, along with my husband Don
which makes for a pretty busy and often LOUD household throughout the day. While Don's studio takes on a more sophisticated look with the beautiful Heintzman Piano and soft tones of chocolate browns and beiges, my room appeals to the younger crowd - my main target audience! However, I wanted to instill MORE than just a love of music (while they pound on the keys in gleeful joy..) I wanted to ignite their imagination in many art mediums and  found that a passion of music and art blends very well together. EVERY week like clockwork I add something new to the room, and the children enjoy looking for's a great way to connect with my students while adding the love of music and art in its many wonderful forms together in one harmonious room.'s back to our lesson!


  1. Your room is looking gorgeous! With so many textures and colours I can see why the students love being in there and have fun seeing what new treasure has arrived each week. That tree is AMAZING, my dear, and some day I'd love for you to help me create one in a baby's room....with origami owls, of course. ;) BTW...what's hanging on the wal above the keyboard? Looks like bookmarks.

  2. LoL! Yes, they are bookmarks...but they are 3D bookmarks...I've a strange affection for them, and the kids love how they seem to pop right out at them. Very cool...I know...I'm a geek...and that's ok~! Sure, I will be proud to help you paint a tree in the baby room...for sure!