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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Witches Tale

Tomorrow marks my first day of in-house decorating for Halloween...A tad early I know, and over the years I  have been criticized for my early starts - but oh well!!! I love it, and I do what I love...period.
The Witches hand is super easy to create because you are only creating the fingers of the hand, and not the hand itself. Using Fimo clay which is so easy to work with, you simply bake them in the oven to cure once the project is complete. Once they are cooled - simply spray with an acrylic sealer. Position clay fingers in the book just far enough so it appears that she is grabbing onto the book from the inside, trying to break free.


  1. I was personally shocked to see all the Halloween items at Michaels are now marked down to 50% to make room for the Christmas atock that is already arriving! So I say decorate for Halloween as early as you like....and buy some stuff at a discount! lol

    The witch's hand is a cute decorating idea! Love it! :)

  2. Oh I know! Christmas is still the biggest time of year for Michaels; although Halloween has certainly gained momentum over the years.