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Creating heirloom pieces at present - leaving my footprint behind, and perhaps a little something extra for my loved ones in the future

Friday, October 29, 2010

Floral Clay Jewellery Bowl

I created this floral clay jewellery bowl for the side of my sink actually so I would have a spot to place my rings and such when I am preparing food, or washing the dishes/counters etc. I used "Crayola" clay for this product which I am very impressed by. Comes in plastic tub about the size of a margarine dish and has fresh workable clay in its natural bisque colour. You can add droplets of water to this clay to gently smooth out wrinkles, and best of's air dry. Of course, it takes much longer to dry this way; however, when it is dry, it's soft, smooth to a matte finish. Now I don't have to worry about my jewellery getting lost, or falling into the sink, it stays protected and safe in my floral clay bowl. :)